We nailed leaving L’Estartit Les Medes campsite in about an hour and a half. Not bad considering that includes Emily’s morning teas, showering, breakfast and packing up your whole home and taking it on the road. The plan for this day was to end up in a campsite called Salata near Roses. En-route we had wanted to get to the top of the impressive Montgri castle but upon closer inspection it would have taken us about 1.5 hours to go up and back down. Emily had read that there was an equally impressive view from Montgo Castle about half way along our route. Another time Montgri.

Image result for montgri castle

It only took us about 40 mins to make it to Montgo Castle. HaRVey was feeling particularily chilled out for the journey until he was asked to climb a hill so steep it was first gear only. He also didn’t much care for the decreasing width of the roads near the peak. We thanked him for his effort and rewarded him with a prime spot in the empty car park so he could see the bay unfold in the distance.

Not surprisingly we could see Montgri castle in the distance and slightly below our altitude. Boom, glad it was Harvey making the climb and not us. Montgo castle was pretty plain to be fair and the only two doors were locked so we couldn’t get to the top. We did do a little insta-posing from the steps as the back drop of the blue sky looked very cool.

After an hour of wandering around and admiring the view and watching the many speed boats and pretty sail boats pootling about we had a spot of lunch. Sharing the magnificent view with the white washed villas with bleached terracotta roofs to the azure waters below.

They looked so inviting that we decided to take a chance and see if we could find a spot by the beach. Normally we avoid entering the smaller places for fear of getting stuck in a narrow street full of parked cars. This one however had a very cheap empty car park with shade for Harvey under a lovely plane tree. Luck of the Christies strikes again.

What a great little find this was. Mainly Spanish and French families, a few classy restaurants and the bluest clearest waters we have seen in the Med so far.

We stayed for about three hours taking several dips in the pristine cool waters before once again donning our warming sunshine coats. The kicker for me is that I still have my cold urticaria. I thought it had gone as I didn’t have a problem for 6 months in SE Asia. As soon as I hit the med sea I realised that it was back with a vengeance. 20 mins in the sea and without fail a rash appears where ever I am cold. Never mind, people with the same condition have it much worse and it goes away as soon as I am warm again. Thank god for continental summers.

We were sorry to say goodbye to Cala Montgo but our next destination was calling and I wanted to get there in good time to watch the 8pm world cup match between Nigeria and Argentina. I wanted to see if Messi could ignite a lacklustre Argentine side but more importantly to see if Maradona would fall off his perch flipping the double bird. Surprisingly still alive and still entertaining. I think the bottom picture was taken when he found out his Moscow mule wasn’t gonna make it.

Diego Maradona

Anyway we arrived at our new location of Salata campsite which is about 2 miles away from the main town of Roses. The walk into town was along a beautifully clean promenade lined with a mix of typically Spanish touristy bars and more modern Mediterranean chic. Even at 6pm there were plenty of people sunbathing on the beach and the more energetic playing football and beach volleyball. We made it all the way to the Marina, touched the obligatory arbitrary point (usually a big rock) and turned around to make it back in time for the match. A pretty full on day and just the type of day we love.

One Reply to “The beautiful bay of Roses”

  1. It all looks wonderful:glad you are having such a goodtime. Mention of narrow roads gives me flashbacks of Cordoba, however….


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