Having been camping before in the UK I had an idea of what to expect from the facilities of our European cousins. What I hadn’t expected was the ratio of tents to caravans to motorhomes. I would say it’s about 10%, 30% and 70% respectively. In the UK I had only really been to tent campsites.

There are people here in massive tents with all the kit (including the kitchen sink) that are clearly here for the whole summer and people in smaller tents pitching up for a few days. I have been debating in my head the pros and cons of caravan vs motorhome. Caravans are clearly less cooler than campervans. The main advantage I see for a caravan over a motorhome is that you can leave your caravan at the campsite as a base and take your car in and out to reach surrounding attractions. If we had more time to organise this trip I would have bought a little scooter and trailer. The main advantage of the motorhome is that it is way easier when you are moving campsite every few days and you can freecamp in lots of places. We have also used Harvey for day trips out to places that are not necessarily en-route like Cadaques. This can be pretty scary in towns where parking a large campervan is difficult and not always catered for. It’s also a concern to leave it in town centres where the likelihood of a break in increases.

For around €20 a night a typical campsite will provide the following.

Tree lined pitch.

Facilities block for toilet, shower and washing dishes.

A pool.

A bar and restaurant. If they are really good they have a massive flat screen for the world cup matches.

Some even have well presented chalets although the cost for these seem high.

All include bike rental at additional cost.

And leisure activities like table tennis for free.

The main bind about moving all the time is the setup and exit process.

We are continually refining our arrival and departure process to make it as efficient and painless as possible. Want to know the number one consideration when rocking up at a new pitch? Proximity of the facilities block closely followed by whether the satellite will get a signal. Sad but true. We love a bit of English TV on in the back ground. It’s comforting when away for so long.

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