With a week left of our Asian adventure, we wanted to unwind by the sea. 200km south of Bangkok, Hua Hin is Thailand’s original beach resort and the summer residence of the King. Huge numbers of Thai people swoop into Hua Hin from Bangkok at weekends giving the city a real buzz.

We caught the train from Bangkok on a hot and humid afternoon.

The journey was painfully slow and the train trundled through the city and suburbs for such a long time before finally breaking out into the lush, green countryside.

We were sat in second class and there was no air-con but we had the old, rickety sash windows open in full and the warm, sultry air blew through the carriage. The scenery was beautiful, with tall palms and rice fields bathed in a late afternoon golden light.

We pulled into Hua Hin’s iconic station in the early evening. Tourists were waiting to photograph the train approaching with such a cute backdrop.

It’s red and white pavilion and perfectly quaint waiting room and tended gardens resemble a toy town station.

We stayed at the Amari hotel which is located right on the beach and is a real gem. It has wonderful style and chic seaside decor.

We’ve indulged in Thai massages, a spot of delicious afternoon tea in the Coral Lounge and enjoyed signature cocktails in the beach bars.

It has two huge pools, set in manicured, tropical gardens which have been completely deserted for the majority of most days.

It seems as though other Asian tourists avoid the sun and only make use of the pool in the late afternoon. We’ve had enough time to get into a nice little routine here and finally make use of the gym in the mornings – call it a ‘better late than never’ attempt to work off some of those holiday ice creams. We’ve loved lazing by the pools afterwards and listening to podcasts and reading books.

Hua Hin’s golden beach stretches for 5km and reaches a Buddha-adorned headland at the North.

We loved strolling along the shoreline, looking for seashells and admiring the horses galloping up and down the beach.

We climbed the headland in the searing midday heat to find wonderful views and a very strange temple complex which was pretty much derelict except for a pack of wild monkeys that had taken over.

We’ve eaten like kings in Hua Hin, feasting on incredible street food from the nearby Cicada and Tamarind food markets. These open air markets host a huge number of vendors serving the tastiest local cuisine.

There is an awesome food truck scene with cool retro branding and great eats.

The warm ambient lighting and live bands playing created such a lovely atmosphere. They also have artists selling beautiful pieces and hand made goodies.

Hua Hin has been the perfect final destination for us and served as a gorgeous backdrop to see out our final days of the trip. We’ve sat at dinner reminiscing over our last five months. Our favourite days, the most picturesque beaches, the quirkiest guesthouses and the tastiest eats. It’s been an epic trip and we are so grateful to be bringing home such special memories and a real thirst for more adventure.

2 Replies to “Last Stop in Hua Hin”

  1. Hi Guys!

    Alicia and I have been reading your travel blog slavishly and can’t believe it has been five months. Arrive home safely and we look forward to your European adventures!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Niels, thanks for reading! It’s really rewarding to know that people are interested in our whereabouts and escapades. Hope that all is well back home x

      Liked by 1 person

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