We decided to hang on to the bike for another day of exploration in Chiang Mai and headed for Doi Suthep-Pui National Park.

The ascent offered such a great ride. We climbed and climbed, winding through thick forest and jungle with a wonderful blue sky backdrop. It was so incredibly hot and we could feel the heat being thrown up from the tarmac.

Halfway up we reached Wat Phra That which is one of Northern Thailand’s most sacred temples.

Overlooking the city from its mountain thrown, we climbed an exhausting, further 306 steps to the terrace and main shrine. The stairs were flanked by two huge serpents in incredible mosaic tiles.

Once at the top we wandered around the various temples and looked out from the viewpoint. It was so busy with people praying and placing lotus head, money and other flower offerings.

The whole area was dotted with fruit trees, colourful flowers and decorations.

We were so high that the view over the city would have been amazing but there was a crown of mist and fog that made it very hazy.

We jumped back on the bike and continued climbing until the road became less of a road and more of a track. The summit was so much cooler and the views were great despite still being hazy. The ride back down was so fun, I don’t think we had to use the throttle at all but just free wheeled all the way down.

To celebrate our last day in Chiang Mai in style we treated ourselves to a back massage and a yummy pizza.

The next day we checked out and switched the tropical ancient city for the bustling madness of Bangkok.

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