Blissful beach and peaceful paddie fields

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It was hard to tear ourselves away from the pretty town but it was time to hit the beach. Taking advantage of the free hotel bikes we cycled the busy 3km along the main road. Not the most calming experience so we promised ourselves to find a more peaceful route back.

The Vietnamese are great at the hustle and true to form we encountered many women trying to coax us to park our cycles with them. For a fee or free if you buy a water. When you first rock up to a place it appears that you have to park with them, some even have whistles to look more offcial. We are getting better at being hard faced and working out which is the best deal.

An Bang beach is huge. Over 6km of whitish sand and very clean. The beach is pretty busy close to the main entrance but as it is so long there is always space if you want to get away from it all. We picked a couple of sunbeds under some dried bamoo umbrellas.

After a lovely day listening to podcasts and taking several dips in the chilly south China sea we grabbed a table at beach bar.

It seems the beer was a little too strong for some.

What a great little vibe this place had. Cool music, great bar and tasty BBQ chicken.

Someone clearly has the same philosophy…

Given our bikes didn’t have lights we thought it best to head home before dark. This time we found a route through the paddie fields. Green as far as the eye could see with little concrete lanes between them.

We even saw a woman laying on her buffalo. We suspected she was hustling again wanting money for pictures but we just snapped from a distance and quickly and cycled on.

As day turned to night we had one last fright as a pack of dogs came running out at us protecting their territory. We managed to scare them off by shouting even louder and swinging the bike at them. With that shot of adrenaline we peddled fast for home and the safety of the hotel. Enough adventure for one day…

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