Wow that was one long bus journey. At times a little fractured due to baby screaming and someone playing music loudly on their phone whilst others try to sleep. Turns out the music was for the baby to stop him screaming. A trade off everyone was pleased to make.

Waking at 6am to find out we had arrived was a bonus. I don’t normally sleep on any kind of transport. Poor Emily, who is normally the better sleeper, didn’t get quite as many hours in. Slinging our heavy rucksacks over our backs we marched the 15 minutes to our new home.

The Serenity Hotel. Ironic, as their was another hotel being built next door and building anything is far from serene. To be fair we couldn’t hear anything in the room. Still, it was cheap, the staff are super friendly, great breakfast and good pool.

So what did we want from Hoi An? They say the travellers see’s what they see whilst the tourist sees what they have come to see. I guess we are a little of both. Emily aka CEO of “Hawkins Tours” does a great job of adding a framework to our time in a place. Without which we would miss out on the highlights. We also sometimes just walk, cycle or ride a motorbike to random places to get lost and see what we can see.

One must was to eat a Banh Mi from a local restaurant that we had seen on “No Reservations” by Anthony Bourdain. Our friends Alex and Michelle gave us a great tip. Don’t queue for a take out, walk past the line and eat in. We did exactly that. I have no idea why everyone was queuing to eat out when their were empty tables upstairs… It didn’t disappoint and was to be the start of my obsession with Banh Mi.

Wandering the streets of Hoi An is a joy. Endless independent quirky stylish shops and restaurants. Beautiful photo opportunities everywhere. It all got too much so we stopped for coconut coffee and a pain o chocolate.

We also tried these little tasty morsels called “White Rose”

Sat on the corner of a busy street people watching and playing UNO. Simple, inexpensive, precious. These are the times we will both cherish when our travels come to an end.

As the lanterns light up Hoi An so this smile lights my days.

As dusk decended and all of the Hoi An lanterns began to glow we fell in love with this beautiful city.

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