Of all the forms of transport we have experienced on our travels I love the boats more than anything. I think it’s the freedom to set your own course, unencumbered by traffic through stunning scenery.


Whilst waiting to set off from Railay to Koh Yao Noi we were treated to a little musical interlude from an Aussie with a face that looked like a bulldog chewing a nettle. I do hope he doesn’t read this 😬.

We had chosen Yao Noi because we had watched a film in Le Dream Boutique, back in Penang, that used it as a location. Predominantly Muslim population we knew it would be sleepy and rustic and that is just what we were after before the busy crowds of Phuket.


These guys welcomed us with sweet sticky mango rice, banana fritters and freshly brewed coffee and tea.

The first afternoon we wandered along the road to Pasai beach and I made friends with a bull. Gently stroking its head and feeling the incredible power when it shook off a fly and a horn caught my arm. Wow, I can’t imagine the damage these things can do if they really want to hurt you.

We wanted to find out about a tour to one of the neighbouring islands but didn’t have the heart to rouse this sleepy man.


Pasai beach had a great little vibe about it. Cool little bars and restaurants with lots of character. Rustic beach with swings and hammocks free for anyone to use.


We spent a very pleasant afternoon and evening drinking Caiparinhia and Mai Tai’s, playing UNO and eating delicious masaman curry.The next day we sought some adventure and the only way around the island was to hire a moped. Cruising along the coastal road we stopped at various points of interest.

Up in the north west we came across some interesting chalet style buildings. Being cheeky I wandered  up the hill and took a closer look.


On the way back we came across these cute little fellow bikers.

Taking one of the back roads to explore a bit further we encountered a battered wooden sign “Restaurant and View Point”. The only problem was it was pointing up a dirt track. With the memory of the Duli beach puncture still fresh in our minds we were both reluctant. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. The track wasn’t as bad as the Duli track but it was bad enough near the end that Emily got off and walked up the hill whilst I scrambled the bike over the rocks to go on ahead and make sure it was worth it. What a treat we received at the end of this dirt track.

Welcome to The Hideout


This place was amazing. It was a very small resort with a restaurant and pool. Free to use provided you bought a drink. Two Mojitos then please.



UNO score, Emily 0 – 4 Gary #unochamp


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