Motorcycle Diaries to Lanta Old Town

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Keen to get out and about and see more of Lanta we rented another scooter and actually got to choose one this time. With the memory of the “El Nido puncture” still burnt into my brain I chose a Honda 125i Click with brand new back tyre.

“Check out my sweet ride”

Don’t worry Hawkins clan we don’t go over 40km/hr when Emily is riding pillion but I did see how fast it could go solo.

We decided to take the long way around to see what we can see on the way. One thing we have noticed all over Thailand is the “tapping” of trees.


In order to collect the latex that is eventually turned into rubber, farmers make cuts across the tree, just deep enough to reach the vessels without harming the tree’s growth, in a process known as rubber tapping. The latex is then collected in small buckets.


It’s quite pleasing to see row upon row of neatly planted rubber trees.


A little further down the road and we saw an advert for Emily’s favourite show.


The 40 minute journey was most pleasant. Pootiling along the decent roads surrounded by lush rural tropical plants. It is easy to forget how hot it is when the breeze is cooling you down. Arriving in the old town and walking the pretty main street we were drenched in sweat within minutes.

A quick explore and we decided to quench our thirst in lovely restaurant called “Fresh”. This one even had a swing with picturesque views.

After a couple of shandy’s and a few games of our new favourite, UNO, we set off to find a new beach.

As luck seems to have it we drove passed a dirt track with a hand made sign saying “Beautiful Beach this way”.

The sunset wasn’t bad either.

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