We’ve totally fallen in love with Ko Lipe and we are so chuffed that we included it on our route. I’m not sure it makes the cut on many of the ‘standard’ Thailand itineraries given it’s extremely southern location but coming from Malaysia, it was a perfect stop off for us.

As soon as we dumped our bags and headed out for some dinner we got a great vibe about the island. There is a pedestrianised lane, unsurprisingly called ‘Walking Street’ that runs across the island and features plenty of shops, traditional massage places and cute bars. In the evenings walking street is flanked by bbq’s billowing out smoke and yummy smells and buzzing with staff trying to entice us into their restaurants.

Having both been feeling a little rough for a number of days (poor Gary is on his third bout of severe Delhi belly and we’ve both had a nasty cough), we finally relented and went to a doctor. He prescribed us both antibiotics for chest infections and loaded us up with a myriad of other medication which, touch wood, seem to be doing the trick, albeit slowly.

We’ve happily idled away the last four days exploring the various beaches on the island, all of which are close by and accessible on foot.

Our efforts to wake early and catch a sunrise were handsomely rewarded on our second day.

Other than that we’ve favoured lazy mornings followed by sand, sea, sun and reading.

The beaches are just stunning, with bleached white powder sand and unbelievably aqua seas. The temperature is wonderful and the vibe is so laidback.

Majestic sea eagles circle and soar above us as we lie on the sand and Longtail boats putt along the coast. It’s just so idyllic.

There are plenty of tourists and travellers here which creates a lively atmosphere but with 3 main beaches there is still lots of room and we have found gorgeous little bays and enclaves that are less busy.

I think the other major influencing factor in our favourable reviews of Koh Lipe is the incredible food here. Delicious Pad Thai, insanely tasty massaman curry, fragrant coconut based soups and wonderfully exotic fresh fruits for stupidly low prices.

We’ve eaten so well here for so little. The traditional Thai pancakes flipped and served by street vendors cost less than a pound and are worryingly addictive. A Penang curry is less than two pounds and beats any efforts back home.

It’s safe to say that we are currently two happy travellers.

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