Our first foray into Thailand would see us take a fast ferry from Telaga-Terminal, Langkawi to Ko Lipe.

Everything we had read said we would only get a 15 day visa. All the articles said get a 90 days visa from Penang before you go, doh. We decided to book 7 days in Ko Lipe and then make other plans depending on what happens at immigration.

The ferry journey was easy enough with one exception. I was sat next to the devil child and his Mum who was one of those Mums that doesn’t want to discipline little Tommy with rules like.

  1. Don’t kick strangers (11 times)
  2. Don’t elbow strangers (5 times)
  3. Don’t scream at the top of your voice (constantly)

Good luck with that one Mum your gonna need it….šŸ‘¹

Arriving in Ko Lipe the ferry offloaded us to a Long tail and that was when we knew we were in Thailand. Love these boats.

To say the immigration was random is an under statement. The captain took our passports in Langkawi and gave them to this dude in Thailand who goes through his pile one by one and shouts out your name, gives you back your passport and allows you to join the immigration queue.

Is this guy called Frank and does he really have a surname of Pissed? When he called my name I just heard Emily guffaw. He said it like that famous “Gary” scene in only fools and horses (you know the one Rob šŸ˜„)

With all of our fingers and toes crossed I approached the immigration officer first and he stamped my passport without saying a word. Flicking through the pages I eventually found the stamp saying leave by……21st March. Woop woop we got 30 days. Just goes to show sometimes you have to be in a place to know the truth of it. All the advice from even the official Thai embassy website was you will only get 15 days. Now we can plan to island hop all the way up to Phuket.

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