Penang has been one of our faves on the trip so far and it’s been made all the better by the awesome hotel we are staying in.

The hotel has really great little extras including free afternoon tea, free flowing ice cream and wine in the evenings and movie nights with popcorn on the terrace. They clearly know the way to our hearts…cake and booze.

Having 5 days here has been great and given us enough time to properly explore but at a really leisurely pace. It’s incredibly hot and really draining walking a lot in the midday sun so plenty of cafe stops has been good.

We’ve now moved on to the island of Langkawi which is north of Penang.

We flew out on Chinese New Year which wasn’t the best decision. The run up to the holiday has been hectic to say the least with accommodation being booked up everywhere and travel routes charging inflated prices. That said it’s cool to be here at a time of celebration that we don’t have back home.

Ever since Singapore we’ve seen lanterns everywhere and elaborate decorations in the malls and at all hotels. It’s such a huge event and people have been setting off fireworks and incredibly loud firecrackers throughout the evenings.

The airport was absolutely rammed but a smooth check-in and insanely short flight of 40 mins later we touched down in Langkawi.

Due to the lack of accommodation options we ended up in pretty rustic digs for our time in Langkawi.

We are in a traditional Malay hut on a working farm and rice paddy complete with water buffalo and chickens.

It’s really beautiful and kinda unnerving at the same time. It’s very picturesque and we are completely immersed in nature, but the roar of insect life in the evenings is intense!

Langkawi is a busy island but we’ve avoided the pricy touristy tours and made the most of the great beach and yummy food. Pentai Cenang is a gorgeous beach with a huge, wide swathe of white powdery sand and beautiful turquoise sea. We’ve enjoyed lounging around and reading on the beach whilst dodging the intensely hot sun. It’s great to lounge around and have the odd lazy day which we are becoming more than accustomed too.

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