Tearing ourselves away from the ever interesting George Town we Uber’d our way to the beach resort of Batu Ferringhi. With a long stretch of powdery sand and a legendary night market it was the perfect location to chill and enjoy Valentine’s Day.

Settling down into our loungers I noticed an old man carrying a book approaching people on the beach. People read the book, then he held their hand a told them something. Their facial reaction was always one of surprise. I was intrigued about what he was saying. I am a natural skeptic about pretty much anything “Mumbo Jumbo”. I like evidence, facts, a scientific approach. That said when Terry Yiap, the Chinese healer held my hand and told me he could fix my back issues I was intrigued. Maybe it was a guess, most people my age have a bad back right..? Anyway I read all the reviews in his book and agreed to be “healed” by Terry. How do I describe the treatment? Hmm. I would say it was a combination of massage, mumbling, mummifying me in gauze, smearing strange smelling liquid on to the gauze, clicking bones, muttering, stretching, head rubbing and more mumbling. Sounds very scientific huh. How did I feel after? Amazing. How did I smell? Like I had waded through a Buffalo’s watering hole.

Here is Terry doing a head stand, apparently it’s his thing.

Given it was Valentines day we decided to enjoy the sunset with a couple of Rum n Cokes and watch the world go by.

In the evening we ended up at a table in the night market with two ex-policemen from the UK. Very random. Ask Emily how she got them to leave abruptly…The food was once again amazing with a selection of satay, pad Thai and beef noodles.

Hats off to the super cool uber driver who let us play our own playlist and sing very badly on the way back to our hotel.

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