Singapore zoo is renowned for being world class, and whilst we have generally preferred our own wandering and mooching to big-ticket ‘organised fun’ entertainment, we were both keen to see what the zoo had to offer.

After our habitual pit stop at the bakery for our daily cheese and ham croissant we took the MRT to the zoo. The zoo is actually one of four attractions here, making this a mega park of nature attractions including a river safari, bird park and night safari.

As soon as we entered we understood what the rave reviews were about. What sets Singapore zoo apart from others we’ve been to is the sheer amount of space that the animals have. The areas are intelligently planned and designed to be roomy and natural with enclosures well hidden by foliage and clever planting.

The whole park is beautifully landscaped with gorgeous flowers and pathways leading to waterways and seemingly happy animals.

The park was huge and by going on a Monday it felt like we had the place to ourselves.

Highlights included the fragile rainforest display, an enclosed walking tour that was home to free roaming animals including ring tailed lemurs, mouse deer, iguanas and a host of awesome tropical birds.

The zoo also hosted a huge selection of big cats, all of which were not only visible but actively playing and inquisitive. We saw pumas, white tigers, lions and leopards (which somewhat makes up for the no-show from our Sri Lankan safari).

The zoo covers all the big hitters, including elephants, giraffes, rhinos, orangutang and bears. One glaring omission that was hard for me to forgive was flamingos. No flamingos?!!!

We spent the whole day wandering around the well-laid out zoo track and were absolutely knackered by the time we wearily climbed back on the MRT. We grabbed a quick bite at the local hawker food court before turning in. Singapore has been so jam packed that we haven’t felt like partying at all. Must be getting old…

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