After two days of unwelcome overcast steel grey skies we tentatively peeled back the curtains to reveal blue, glorious blue as far as the eye could see. I know in England we are obsessed by the weather but it is no different here. We are lucky to be away for so long that we get a better opportunity to see things in all their glory. It’s just a shame we never got to see the Islands and their beaches on a day such as this. No matter we decided to make the most of it and head to the closest highest point Mt Tapyas.

Unexpectedly the way to the top was lined with even concrete steps and metal railings. It’s an on going joke between us that here in the Philippines no step is ever the same height throwing us both off guard at times and making the other laugh as we inevitably do a comedy stumble. Emily particularly loves my pratfalls and I’m happy to pretend to be clumsy 🙊. The view from the top was well worth all 750 steps and about the same amount in beads of sweat.

Thankfully the journey down was much easier helped out by a cheeky coconut ice pop. Pop ice? Popsicle? Lolly ice? Ice lolly? Thinking too hard?


Whenever we get a chance we love to wander around the local food market so that was our next destination. Being a super foodie Emily gets really excited by the many different ingredients. She loves the cut and thrust of local life and there is nothing more real than people putting food on the table. It’s a real snapshot of a place. The smells, the colour, the textures, the characters, it’s all so immersive. You can tell immediately that this place is for locals as I have to duck to get under the tarp roof. The Philippines has an added advantage in that I feel tall here.

We enter the first row of the market in the fish and meat section.

Slowly wading through the bbq smoke to the vegetable section. Shit they do have veggies. Why do we not see these on any menu? At least not in most restaurants we have frequented.

We see a few things that we have never seen before and try to make a mental note to google it but like most people we forget.

The rest of the evening was spent drinking mango margaritas watching the glorious sunset from a gorgeous waterfront bar called La Sirenetta.

< img src=”; class=”wp-image-645 size-full” height=”2448″ width=”3264″>

Emily also dared me to take a sneaky picture of this girls back tattoo because she wants the same.

Only kidding Mon and Rob x

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