We’ve been holding out on booking this tour in advance because we really wanted some decent weather for it. Alas it got to our final day in Coron and sadly it dawned cloudy. With no more time to wait, we headed down to the pier to book a spot on what’s called the ‘escapades tour’, featuring 3 of the most beautiful beach spots on the islands surrounding Coron. It turned out that we had literally missed the boat and the tour was fully booked, leaving us with the sole option of hiring a private boat.

After negotiating a price we boarded a boat that was big enough for 16 passengers, complete with 4 crew. The wind was pretty strong, sending huge ripples across the sea. The 1 hour 40minute journey time to the furthest Island actually took 2 hours 30mins. To be fair to our skipper, he did a good job of altering the route by going round the island the opposite direction in order to minimise swells and choppiness and gain some shelter. Clearly Gary has plenty of boat experience and was absolutely fine. I on the other hand spent the majority of the journey in a brace position, holding on for dear life as the boat rode the waves, heaving from side to side. There was only one other boat headed in the same direction as us and rather disconcertingly it turned around about an hour into the journey and retreated back home. This did nothing for my nerves.

We eventually sailed into calmer waters and I loosened my death grip on the seat long enough to allow the blood to return to my white knuckles. Gary assumed his favourite position at the bow, taking in the waves.

Our first stop was the gorgeous Malcapuya island which boasted a wonderfully picturesque white sandy beach. We had an hour to explore the rugged coastline here and snorkel before moving on.

The second stop was Banana Island, so-called because of its bendy beach. We stopped for lunch and chilled out in hammocks as we gazed out to sea.

These spots are a little further away than other tours from Coron, making them feel nice and quiet and remote.

We hopped over to Bulog Dos Islands for our final destination which was really epic.

The two islands are joined together by a sand bar which you can walk out on. The sea was such an awesome azure here. It was incredibly windy which really took our breath away, and gave us mental hair.

It’s a real shame that the sun didn’t break through the thick white cloud. We had hopes that it would burn off and bathe the beaches in wonderful light and reveal the pure turquoise of the shallow waters but sadly it stayed pretty dull throughout. It’s such a shame because we’ve seen so many blogs and reviews that feature incredible pictures of the sites. We could still appreciate it’s beauty regardless.

I was not looking forward to the return boat trip back to Coron town, but mercilessly the wind died down slightly and it wasn’t as rough on our return. I still had sea legs and wobbled around for a good hour after we got back on dry land. Coron really has shown us some incredible natural sights and whilst the weather has been underwhelming, it’s still been worth the travel.

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