So after the second attempt we finally ended up on the fast ferry to Coron. The previous ferry never left Coron due to bad weather so we had to stay another night in El Nido. Another 4am start so we could make sure we get to the ferry terminal at 5am. I have to say that the organisation for things like this is terrible and the communication is non existent. Anyway…

The journey took about 4 and half hours and we slept for most of it, thankfully. Coron Town is to be our home for the next 5 nights whilst we explore the Calamian Islands. Similar to El Nido and the Bacuit Bay there are a couple of highlights we want to see via tour boats.

Coron Town seems more established than El Nido and not as touristy. It’s still full of trikes and motorbikes and very busy but mostly locals.

After a wander around town we ended up in Altrove, a lovely Italian restaurant, for an awesome pizza.

Our hotel, TreeTops Lodge, is pretty reasonable and a lot cleaner and brighter than the last place in El Nido. After a stroll around the town and talking to a few tour agencies to arrange a tour for the next day the decided to get some lunch over the water at La Sirenta. I have been craving savoury crepes for ages and this place had them on the menu. Result.

The view from wasn’t bad either.

After a couple of Mai Tai / Mango Margaritas and with the cloud cooling the afternoon heat we decided to head to Maquinit hot springs.

Maquinit is one of the very few saltwater hot springs in the world. Located along the southern coast of Busuanga Island, it is one 30-minute tricycle ride away from the town proper of Coron along a rough, curvy road. It is said that the water gets heated by a volcano and springs up into the two-tiered circular pool. Its rough walls are built from stacks of rocks and its floors strewn with pebbles — not very friendly to the soles at first touch but adds a more natural feel, as do the surrounding mangrove forest and the adjacent beach.

When we first arrived we couldn’t understand why lots of people were sat around the edges. Dipping a toe in we understood. The water temp was about 40 degrees. A quick float out to the middle for 5 minutes and we were also sat on the outside trying to cool off. An amazing bonus was that our sand fly bites that had been itching us to death miraculously stopped itching. Result. The springs were so relaxing and our bodies were so buoyant it reminded me of those floatation tanks I have been meaning to try. No need now.

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