Bacuit Bay Islands – Tour A (for adventure)

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Of the four island tours available we decided on A first which consisted of 5 stops.

Small Lagoon, Simizu Island, Secret Lagoon, Big Lagoon and Seven Commandos Beach

The morning starts in typically random fashion as we are taken to our tour guide via trike and dropped off not being told anything. Some one asks us to fill out a few forms for the environment ticket and gives us nothing or tells us anything. Everyone is pretty much in the same boat (pun intended). We wait and wait then we are told to follow some random dude, who doesn’t speak English, to the location of our boat. The beach is packed with hundreds of people all chaotically doing the same thing. I have no idea how they pull this off every morning but it seems there is method in their apparent madness.

The boat is about 30m out so we have to wade though the waves to get to her. Those old sailing dry bags I brought are coming into their own now, although the beach entrepreneurs are doing a roaring trade in flogging those and waterproof camera cases on the beach.

The weather was a bit overcast in the morning but broke through in the afternoon to provide us with perfect sunshine for a lot of the tour. Heading out of the harbour on our Bangka boat the guide introduced the crew and explained our itinerary. Quickly after that the large group of young Filipino tourists cracked open their first bottle of vodka. Good job it’s not rough.

I will let the pics and vids speak for themselves as Emily does a better job of describing the scenery in the blog for tour C (for c ya later).

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