After a great flight from Boracay to El Nido on AirSWIFT we arrived in El Nido, Palawan. The whole experience from check in to landing was one of those journeys where everything could have ended badly but was great in the end. We managed to checkin first and randomly they laid a red carpet for our line. Got given an unexpected voucher for a pre-flight snack. The airport was new and had a Starbucks so I also bought a latte and a toasted cubana. Whilst I was sugaring the latte the fresh lovely cubana slid out of the bag and dropped on the floor. F@ck, sh@t pissing hell. I quickly picked it up and chastised myself for dropping yet another thing and slid it back in the bag. I looked around and nobody had seen. Never mind I have eaten worse in Sri Lanka, a bit of floor toastie won’t kill me. As I walked passed the barista she started saying “Sir, sir, I saw that”. I was mortified. “La la la” I hummed to myself as my face turned even redder and I tried to casually walk past. “Sir, sir, let me replace that Sir. Free of charge”. Wow that’s a first. The people here really are very sweet, kind and smiley. They have a bit of a weird set up in that from the terminal you then get on a bus and the bus drives up the runway to where the planes are. Repeat, not the side of the runway or across the runway, up the bloody runway and as fast as he can before another plane lands on the roof. Dropping us off at the plane we realised that it was a tiny 24 seater. More red carpet from bus to plane. We only paid £50 for a ticket so didn’t really understand why the first class service but took it gladly. There was a little bit of apprehension when taking off as the plane lined up for take off at the end of the runway then came the usual rev and roar of the engines but the pilot didn’t seem committed and we never felt the hard acceleration that pushed you back into your seat. Lots of people looking around confused and scared but I had clocked the windsock and realised he was not going to take off from this end of the runway. So to much relief of all the pilot braked at the end of the runway and spun it 180 before taking off proper into the wind.

The main purpose of visiting El Nido is to tour around the islands of Bacuit Bay. El Nido itself isn’t much to write home about although it does have some nice restaurants and bars.

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