We’ve been blessed with glorious weather over the last few days, with scorching sunshine and picturesque sunsets. It’s been a real treat to walk back to our pad not soaked through to our pants and wading through flash flood pavements.

Having discovered Puka beach earlier in the week we’ve made a couple of return visits, enjoying the laid back vibe and quiet beach bars.

We’ve been on the look out for a beach bat and ball for days now and couldn’t believe that the multitude of shacks selling all manner of toys, lilos and frisbees didn’t stock what we were looking for. We’d almost given up hope and resigned ourselves to absolutely no exercise whilst away, when late one night we discovered a solitary set winking at us from the darkest depths of a shop. Needless to say that the last couple of days have been spent honing our skills and setting ourselves a rally target of 50 before we are allowed another coconut shake.

We’ve spent a wonderful 12 days in Boracay and we are both reluctant and ready to leave such a paradise with all the comforts of home at our fingertips. We will certainly miss our Airbnb which I’m sure in comparison to future accommodations we will realise is absolutely huge and luxurious.

It’s easy to get lazy when you stay in one place for too long and we are ready to do some exploring to discover a more rustic Philippines. I say that now but when I’m lugging my 16kg backpack along a dirt track road in the midday heat I may think twice!

Our next destination is El Nido on the island of Palawan. We’ve read numerous blogs that swoon over the bacuit archipelago that surrounds El Nido, making it the perfect base for island hopping. I’ve also read that El Nido is prone to frequent electricity blackouts, water sources from deep wells and little to no wifi! So we may be telling you all about it in 10 days when we return to the modern world. Gary is certainly looking forward to starting afresh and hopefully losing the Gerry namesake.

Catch you on the flipside.

2 Replies to “Bye Bye Boracay…”

  1. Exciting adventures guys, fab to read. Happy 2018!! Thank you for your generosity sponsoring me to run the Bath half. It means a great deal. Have a rum or two for me! Xxx

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