I can see clearly now the rain has gone

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I woke late at around 10:30 to the smell of Emily making french toast. So nice to have facilities to make our own breakfast. Our stay here at the BBC Garden house is going to be longer than originally planned. 7 nights longer in fact due to a tropical cyclone across the Philippines making it safer to stay put for a while. Works for us as Boracay is awesome and the apartment is great.

We are a little out of the main action and that is a benefit most of the time because this place is a party Island. After an awesome breakfast we headed out with a full bag of laundry and dropped it off nearby. £6 for all of our kit to be washed, dried and folded, bargain.

This was to be our first day of sun in Boracay. The weather forecast was for rain and thunder so we decided to make the most of the unexpected sunshine and head for the 4km long White Beach. Joining the beach at the South end near station 3 we walked north along the azure sea in search of sun-loungers. There are three stations or areas on White Beach. The name comes from the old days before the larger port on the southern most tip.

Boats would drop off at the northern most point of White Beach at station 1 first then station 2 and finally station 3 at the south end of the beach. The area around station 3 is said to be still like it was 5 years ago before the many package tourist landed typically from Korea, Taiwan and China. Station 2 as we can testify from our first night is absolutely ramo.

A couple of hundreds meters past station 3 we found the perfect spot. A cool looking hotel with nice sun-loungers and a very necessary umbrella. Taking two prime spots a lady quickly arrived to say we have to buy a minimum of £15 worth of booze. “Sorry, what’s the catch?”

We ordered a pinacolada and a San Miguel which seems to be the national beer of the Philippines. Quickly followed by a “Lava Flow” (frozen strawberry, pineapple and coconut rum) and a “BBC” (some kinda banana and coconut rum concoction). We had an awesome afternoon boozing, snoozing and bathing in the Philippine sea. As a first comparison the Philippine Sea / North Pacific Ocean seems about 5 degrees cooler than the Indian Ocean off Sri Lanka. A bonus is that it must be above 25 degrees as I don’t get my usual cold urticaria rash. Another bonus is watching the endless fun local kids had bouncing off a massive inflatable flamingo (and yes Emily did lose her mind with excitement) and climbing all over the outriggers of the Bangka boats.

The Ocean was full of romantic paraws (an outrigger sailboat) giving rides and colourful parasails. After watching an amazing sunset we walked slowly along the beach path listening to live music and watched the many fire-dancers twirling their batons.

Just before our turn off we encountered the hilarious dancing chefs. One guy in particular was loving life and the whole crowd was loving watching him.

Heading away from the beach path towards Boracay central highway (joke) we found the only food street market in Boracay. It’s a little like Flat Iron square near London Bridge. We did the obligatory wander around every food section and settled on Fat Rice which delivered two tasty dishes. Seafood Laksa for me and Beef Rendang for Emily. The set up here was great. Live music, cool bar, many food choices, soft lighting and even a pool. The one thing that they don’t get right are the floor levels but this provides endless entertainment. So many people missing the transitions and doing that comedy step down and stumble and trying to style it out. Including me!

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