We Wish You a Merry Christmas

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With the exception of snippets of social media updates from back home, we’ve missed the traditional and familiar run up to Christmas, which made waking up on the 25th on a tropical beach all the more surreal.

Having never spent a Christmas away from Blighty and my family, I was anticipating a pang of home sickness but it’s difficult to miss grey England when you are greeted with this view from your balcony….

The fact that our hotel has made such an effort to adopt the Christian and commercial traditions of Christmas as we know it gives us a really uncanny feeling. We’ve been ‘treated’ to a tinny soundtrack of second rate Boney M festive tunes on loop since 8am. The irony of hearing about a ‘White Christmas’ is not lost on us as we sprawl out on our sun-loungers gazing at the Indian Ocean. A more welcome treat was the evening delivery of delicious Christmas cake and cookies that arrived unexpectedly at our door.

Perhaps it’s these sweet attempts which prompt us to reflect on what our families and loved ones are doing back home and get a sense of fomo (fear of missing out).

That said, we’ve had a wonderfully alternative and laidback Christmas Day, punctuated with dips in the pool, strolls up the beach and rum tipples. (Incidentally, unknown to us is a law in Sri Lanka which forbids the sale of alcohol on Christmas Day – thankfully we’ve taken to classily travelling with a bottle of rum stashed in our backpack…hiccup.)

We rounded off a lovely day with our first calls back home since we left in November. WhatsApp messaging has been awesome in keeping us up to date with occurrences back home but nothing beats the sound of your Mum and dad’s voice on the phone.

Having three days in this resort hotel has been a real luxury and a lovely treat to mark the end of our time in Sri Lanka. The bed is incredibly comfy, there is someone to bring you fluffy towels by the pool and the spacious room complete with all the mod-cons is stunning. Whilst hopping from awesome hotel to awesome hotel would definitely have its comforts and perks, I get a sense that we are both ready to embrace the travelling vibe again. We like the cut and thrust of independent adventure, the personalities we meet and the authentic experiences this rewards us with.

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