We were sorry to leave The Oasis Villa. Mostly because it was a so well kept but partly because we were hanging from the night before. Our first hangover of the trip. At least it wasn’t so bad that Emily was sick. So into our Tuk Tuk we piled for the hour long journey along the coast to the Pandanus Resort and Spa. Another booking.com haunt and by far the priciest we have paid thus far. Given that it was Christmas and in Sri Lanka it was still a bargain compared to a European destination.

Unfortunately we had arrived at midday and during the setup for their Christmas Eve Gala dinner. They ushered us to the bar as reception was chaotic and then promptly forgot about us for an hour an a half even though I was wandering back to reception every 30 mins to check what the heck was going on with checkin. Eventually at 13:30 the seemingly stoned receptionist managed to drag himself away from the empty reception desk to show us our room. Wow what a room. We had forgotten that we had booked the delux due to availability.

The main thing I saw when entering the room was the full height windows leading to a massive balcony and sea view. Just perfect for our final 4 days in Sri Lanka. We have stayed in 10 different locations before Induruwa so we were ready to chill in a resort and plan our next 5 weeks in the Philippines.

Given that we had no idea about the gala dinner we managed to book our selves into the guest list for the evening’s entertainment. Emily was already spying the menu and it looked mouth watering. We have been in the habit of eating a large breakfast and doing without lunch then nailing the dinners. Seems to be working for us as we haven’t put on any weight and we have eaten like kings. I’ve eaten more fruit in the past month than all of 2017!

After a lovely day at the pool we retired to our room to get ready and nail some Red Rum and Coke. This is the local Sri Lankan tipple and is a new favourite usurping Captain Morgan Spice, originally as it was half the price, but now just because we love the taste. Wandering down to the lobby like salivating excited puppies we sniffed the delicious aroma emanating from the many silver buffet servers. Distracted by the food and being ever the “cool” couple we wandered out of the wrong door in search of our table on the beach, right onto the main stage with the band in full swing. Oh joy. Another Gorily blunder that we tried to style out by exiting stage right Drake stylee.

Sitting at our table on the beach looking at the band and the decorations we applauded the hotel for making a real effort to make it Christmassy. That was all quickly forgot when they announced the buffet was open for business and Emily was up and gone as fast as Crystal Palace out of the FA cup (sorry Tom 🙊). Safe to say that the food was amazing and plentiful and we completely top-ended it and ate far too much. The food coma set in about an hour after finishing a plate of 7 types of desert. That hour was spent watching Bad Santa dancing like a good un on the main stage with one Ukrainian dad getting in on the act too. You gotta love people watching.

To round off the night there were fireworks at midnight literally right outside our room so we retired to watch in comfort and see in our first Christmas Day together.


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