We decided today was going to be a pool day. We set ourselves up at the end of the pool near the deep-end. The Dutch kids splashing away near the shallow end. Kindle resting in the side we both indulged in doing nothing but reading for hours. The sun was beating down so it was nice to act like the Yala warthogs cooling ourselves in a watering hole.

In the late afternoon we wandered up the beach to Turtle point hoping to catch a glimpse of a big green in the wild. Confirmation came from a squeal of delight by Emily as we rounded the corner and she spotted the dark shapes. Getting closer some other tourists were feeding the turtles with kelp and enticing them ashore. We kept a respectful distance and tried to get a good view. Not sure how I feel about people feeding them and patting them on the head. I can certainly see the thrill from the tourist side and the turtles seemed happy enough. I guess for us we are happy enough to just watch.

Half a mile further north we found the perfect spot for dinner, Cuba Libres and an amazing sunset at Mamas.

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