What to do on an overcast day? “What about a massage in a tree house set in luxurious tropical gardens?” “Sounds like a plan”

Pulling out the research card again Emily had already spied Sanctuary Spa as the number 1 recommendation. We headed over at 11am for an hour long Ayurvedic Full body massage. Greeted by our male and female masseuse Emily caught my dismayed look as it was clear the male would be for me. For some anecdotal reason we both expect female masseuse to be better. After washing the sand from our feet we were escorted through the lush gardens and up the spiral staircase to duo of massage beds in our sky hut.

Stripped down to pants and knickers our massages started simultaneously. Facedown, legs first testing the pressure. Firm but not uncomfortable. The next hour proved to be one of the most relaxing hours spent in Sri Lanka. I find myself drifting in and out of focus trying to stay in the moment and enjoy the feeling then finding my mind wandering off to our recent past travelling adventures. Occasionally I looked over at Emily to see if she was still awake, difficult to tell either way.

The experience at Sanctuary spa concluded with a fresh coconut said to replace essential minerals and electrolytes. We even looked it up and we were both surprised to find that in world war 2 they used coconut water as an intravenous drip.

The rest of the day we spent on the beach and two things happened of note.

1 – We overheard a conversation as we left a restaurant that said “I mean I didn’t kill anyone…” glad we left that restaurant.

2 – We discovered the best passion fruit mojito on the island at Shifting Sands cafe

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