Our last day in Mirissa and the last awesome breakfast at Bon Accord B&B. Keith and Prasad pulled out all the stops. Prasad had been to the fruit market at 5am no less. They had also made string hoppers and dhal. The best we have tasted so far.

After saying a final farewell to our hosts and the the doggies we lugged our burgeoning back packs and walked the 500m to the bus stop in the stifling morning heat.

Getting the right bus involves standing in front of it to make it slow down enough for you to read the side and see if it has your destination. Alternatively I shout out our destination to the conductor whilst he whizzes passed at 20mph. Some times they understand my pronunciation enough to stop but more often they just drive off muttering something under their breath. I have taken to using a comedy Sri Lankan accent that seems to work but makes me cringe and Emily double over with the lolz.

The journey from Mirissa to Unawatuna was only about 45mins but it was not pleasant at all on this over crowded bus. We made the mistake of being near the front and in separate seats. Poor Emily was bashed from pillar to post as people jumped on and off the bus. I think we have decided to TukTuk to the next destination of Hikkaduwa.

Finally reaching our destination of Unawatuna we were basically kicked off the bus by the conductor who thought we were too slow getting our massive bags out of the tiny little door. I wiped the sweat off my brow and flagged a TukTuk, negotiated the 250 rupee fee to our next B&B known as The French Lotus.

Greeted by a zingy French hostess called Celine into the grounds of an old colonial retreat set in lush tropical gardens, Hawkins Tours nailed it again.

In the evening we treated ourselves to a lovely three course dinner at Kingfisher restaurant right on the beach.

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