Despite having had so much time in Sri Lanka, we haven’t really had any pure beach days. There can be a temptation to keep on traveling without stopping to fully appreciate where you are. Mirissa has such a beautiful beach that we wanted to really luxuriate on it today.

Egg hoppers made their second appearance of the trip at breakfast. They are super yummy and Keith, our guest house owner detailed the lengthy 4hr fermentation process of making them from rice flour and coconut milk which heightened our appreciation. I’ve also massively enjoyed the variety of fresh tropical fruit available to us everyday. This morning we had jackfruit, papaya, mango, pineapple, bananas and passion fruit. This tends to be served with buffalo curd which is so creamy, and honey which is incredible.

So far all the guest house hosts tell us that the yogurt-like curd is healthy but anything this tasty can’t be good for you. Keith confirmed our fears that it’s delicious and full of fat!

We hit the beach, dumped our bags and headed straight for the sea. It’s incredibly hot here on the south coast and the water is a constant lure.

The sea delivers impressive waves and there are plenty of surfers and body boarders. Getting beyond these crashing waves and into the calm is a real tactical game of timing. The rip after every wave is pretty strong so staying on your feet is a challenge. A couple of times I really misjudged the power and height of a wave and found myself caught in its washing machine and spat out a considerable distance up the shore. Once past the gauntlet we took great pleasure is spectating others being taken down in a similar fashion.

We whiled away the day snoozing, reading, people watching and swimming. Mirissa is easily the most touristy and developed place we’ve been to yet but we quite enjoy the variety of bars and beach shacks and a few Home comforts that we haven’t had for a while.

We enjoyed a couple of sundowner cocktails before strolling up the bay in gorgeous evening light.

There is a creative and cool feel to Mirissa and some noteworthy murals in the bars and street art which has really been missing in Sri Lanka before now.

Tomorrow we continue further west to Unawatuna. Gary is going to miss the daschunds…

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