Hit the Road Jack – Talalla to Mirissa

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Yesterday was really chilled out. Gary had some admin bits and adulting to sort and with no internet in our guest house, I was under enforced social media withdrawal which definitely has its benefits. I sat on our balcony and read an entire book from start to finish which was immensely satisfying. It’s been a long time since Ive been so engrossed in a book and without any distractions, I was glued.

We went for a late afternoon beach stroll and sea dip before dinner. We’ve eaten at our guest house every night and had incredibly yummy and tasty home cooked food.

This morning we woke early to walk the bay and have a pre-breakfast swim in the sea which was beautiful. We had the beach to ourselves and the sea temperature was just right.

Following a quick shower we had another yummy breakfast and then packed up with Mirissa, our next stop in our sights. We’ve loved Talalla and it’s raw beauty and seclusion and we feel lucky to have experienced it like this, before as many have said, people cotton on to its charm and over develop the area.

We hauled our backpacks in the sweltering morning sun to the bus stop on the main coastal road. Having unsuccessfully waved at 5 busses, we eventually hailed a local bus to Matara (by effectively jumping into its path) before changing to get to Mirissa.

The whole journey was less than an hour and a half and we soon found ourselves sipping tropical juice and playing with the 4 gorgeous daschunds belonging to the owners of our latest B&B.

We spent the afternoon exploring the shores of Mirissa and sampling the cocktail menus of some beachside bars, as the sun set on the horizon.

We’ve eaten rice and curry for 16 consecutive nights and felt like a bit of a change so we had our first burger of the trip tonight which really hit the spot.

We have to be up early tomorrow for a whale watching trip so we were sensible and curtailed the drinking festivities until tomorrow. The elusive leopard from Yala gave us the slip but I’m confident that we’ll spot a whale!

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