“Woke up this morning and I got myself a beer” sang Jim Morrison of The Doors fame as I lay on the beautiful golden sands of Talalla Beach at 7am. It was so early and the sun was so low I flaunted my rule of always slapping on Sunsense factor 50. We will come back to that little fact later.

After a beautiful swim in the mid twenties Indian Ocean and an hours worth of sunbathing I walked back the 15m to our B&B for breakfast.

We walked off the bountiful brekkie with 5000 steps to the eastern side of the beach to explore the rock pools. Emily talked about fond memories growing up with Weeze and Paul hunting for crabs in the rock pools of Cornwall. I like listening to her stories of an idyllic childhood with two ready made best mates.

Walking to the middle of the beach we found a couple of sunbeds with an umbrella for shade. I negotiated hard and got them free so long as we bought some rum and cokes. 🙊

By now it was around midday so we decided to swim first then put some sun screen on. Yep yep I know. The swim was glorious. We paddled out side by side with our arms resting on a body board kindly leant to us by our B&B host. Rising and falling in the swell, enjoying the sensation of the warm water and sand between our toes. An hour must have passed as we chatted away happily, oblivious to the power of the suns rays due to the cooling sensation of the ocean.

Eventually we made our way to the loungers and slapped on the sun screen. At last, you say. Alas, I say, as I was already looking very pink. The damage had been done and I knew I would suffer in the evening. Keeping my t-shirt on and hiding under the umbrella for the rest of the day. As if that wasn’t bad enough I went for a swim to cool my burning body and lost my expensive sun glasses get slammed by not one but two freak waves. Tumbling head over heels and pounded into the hard unforgiving sand my shades disappeared into the frothy madness. Gutted. I sloped off back to the sun loungers with my tail well and truly between my legs.

Being stubborn and persistent person by nature I decided I should at least go and try to find my shades. I kinda knew it was a hopeless task but I also know I am also quite a lucky person. The harder I work the luckier I get! So I headed back out into the surf. The water was clear for about 10s in between the crashing waves and swirling mix of sand and foam. The sea bottom was pure sand so if my shades were there they would be clearly visible. Set after set passed by with no luck. This would have been a lot easier with goggles or a snorkel mask. Then against all odds, I spot something dark about ten feet away. I had seconds to dive down before the next wave smashed me and took the object away with it. My eyes stung with a mix of sea water and sun cream. It was blurry but I was getting closer and I reached out and grabbed my shades. I jumped out of the water like a mad man and screamed “get in you beauty” 👀 (Of course that’s what I said Mum). I was so happy. I strutted back to Emily shades on like I was the cat who just got the cream.

Back at the B&B the true extent of my sunburn revealed itself. You know the latest fashion in cars is to paint it in that horrible burnt orange. Well that’s the colour of my face, neck, shoulders and back. The heat coming from my body was causing the aircon to go into overdrive. Thankfully the cold shower and intensive moisturiser prevented the worst of it but at one point I did look a little like this guy…

Evening was a peach. Prawn and Dhal coconut curry washed down with a couple of rum n cokes, the food here is insane.

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