After a cold night and a cold shower we sat down to breakfast in the bright morning sunshine. The dinner last night, from the number 1 restaurant on trip adviser, was tasty but really did go right through us. Say no more on the matter. Breakfast however was a treat. Our first egg hoppers, more coconut pancakes, fresh fruit, kurd and “honey”, toast and jam all washed down with lots of lovely local tea.

The plan was to walk up to Mini Adams Peak for another spectacular view, drop into a luxury hotel nearby for a drink and maybe some lunch then head to the famous nine arch bridge.

We were told that the walk up to Mini Adams Peak was pretty easy. I would agree except for the last bit which was pretty steep and definitely induced a sweat in the midday sun.

The views were stunning and of course I had to stand on a precariously steep rock for the obligatory toe tingling shot.

On the way down we spotted our lunch rendezvous. The beautiful “98 Acres” resort. Sitting on the decking overlooking the magnificent view we ordered a couple of Somersby Ciders. I can’t tell you how amazing that first mouthful of crisp tongue tingling apple cider felt.

We are trying to stick to local and authentic food which will no doubt be tastiest and most cost effective but our achilles heal is the club sandwich. They vary so massively in quality and ingredients from place to place that we’ve decided to open a ‘league of club’ and photograph each one we have for judging at the end of our trip. 98 Acres was rocking a 5 deck club sandwich with a random curveball….. they had replaced the ham with smoked beef. Not too sure you should mess with a club!

I hope this guy isn’t on the menu anytime soon…

After a pleasant and refreshing lunch we meandered down the hill to the famous nine arch railway bridge. At times it felt as if we had wandered into someone’s back garden but small home-made signs guided us to a view of the bridge from up high. Once down on the tracks we walked the full length stopping half way to look down at the precipitous drop. A definite toe tingler.

The quickest route back to Ella turned out to be along the train tracks and through the tunnel.

Walking on the railway sleepers for about 3km was quite a trance inducing experience. Luckily the trains were still on strike so we didn’t have to snap out of our stupor until we reached Ella station.

Heading into town we found an amazing bar called cafe chill and slumped onto a couple of bean bags and ordered some Lion beers. One beer led to another and before we knew it we had ordered a couple of Cuba Libres and tropical pizza.

Heading back up the hill and along the rail tracks to our B&B we stumbled upon two crazy looking creatures. It was hard to make out in the dark but eventually they crossed the light of our torch and revealed themselves as Porcupines. Another great nature spot to add to our list.

Tomorrow we travel from Ella to Tissamaharama by bus which is the gateway for our Safari in Yala National Park. Emily will lose her mind if she manages to spot a Leopard. Fingers crossed.

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