Hang on this is supposed to be a holiday, 4am…..really?!?

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Ok so the sunrise over Horton Plains was pretty spectacular but please can we have a nap this afternoon to make up for the early start?

The mission today was to make our way to Horton Planes for a 10km loop that would take in a few epic scenes.


Our driver and tour guide, Chamindra, picked us up at 5am and was bang on form from the off. I reckon he pointed out 15 types of ferns within the first 30 minutes. Whilst we very much appreciate all of the information he has been feeding us, nobody needs to know anything about flora or fauna at 5am.

The drive was beautiful and we also witnessed the most amazing F1 style overtaking manoeuvres. It really does look like England on a summers day complete with heards of dairy cattle.

We stopped briefly  enroute to get some close up action of Sambar deer before racing to the 6am ticket office opening. I was 6th in-line. I will let you guess the nationalities ahead of me.

The star of the show was the view from The Worlds End. A stunning escarpment that plunges 880m. Wow, it did not disappoint.

It’s funny what a sheer drop and no barrier does to a person. Whilst Emily appreciated the majesty of the view she was naurally a little nervous to get close to the edge. One woman sat 20ft from the edge described it as giving her “a funny feeling from head to toe”. What ever floats your boat luv 🙀.

For myself I have always loved heights so I was in my element. Of all the things that I want to experience on our travels, views like this, are right up there. Sat on a rock near the edge of such a drop my heart pumped, my stomach fluttered and I felt so alive.

A further 5km on from Worlds End we were treated to a scenic view of Bakers falls as they basked in the morning sun.

The trip back down from Norton Plains was even more scenic due to the rising sun. This hill country really is stunning and the pictures  do not do them justice at all.

After a little snooze and a bit of “An idiot abroad” on Netflix we set off for a walk around the local lake. I think everyone knows the passion that Sri Lanka has for cricket and how serious they take it. Which begs the question why did I think I could just join in a local park match whilst wandering past. To shouts of “no Gary please don’t” I added my safe pair of hands (dropped my phone several times) to the fielding team. Luckily for me they loved the spontaneity and wanted me to join in. The guy closest to me introduced himself as the chief of police. I had walked into a game made up all of the Nuwara Eliya police force! With promises to not cause any trouble in town I joined Emily about a mile away as she teased me about my catching ability.

Arriving at the large lake we encountered a less formal cricket game played by the local lads who offered me the bat. I love how open people are and it seemed rude not to have a go. I faced one ball and nearly missed due to calls from Emily “don’t hit it in the water” just as I was about to strike. Luckily I connected and gave it a good hoof into the greenery. The boys jumped and shouted in amazement that this pasty faced Englishman had actually hit the ball. I mike dropped the bat and walked off as cooly as I could. Or that’s how I like to tell the story 😜.

After a lovely lake walk we headed for the Grand Hotel for a few Lion beers. The place was amazing but empty. Wandering around we found the bar and sat by a log fire waiting for the Grand Indian to open. This place had made a real effort to make it feel like Christmas and it made us a little home sick as we will be away this year.

The Grand Indian was voted in the top five on trip advisor so we had high hopes. It did not disappoint. Costing a total of 5000 rupees (£25) we gorged on Spinach Korma, Paneer Tikka, cheese garlic naan and washed it all down with tasty Lion beer. I rate it one of the best Indian meals I have ever had (Sindhu your still number 1)

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