Our last day in Kandy started well with another delicious breakfast. Coconut pancakes, omelette, toast and jam with tropical fruit to finish. Good job too as we had some kilometres to clock up looking at some nature.

The ever cheerful Chaminda, our TukTuk driver, raced around the mountain roads and into the dirty city streets. I have no idea how he squeezes through gaps between busses that only open for a few seconds. I also have no idea why there are not more accidents on the roads but we have not seen one. It was about 800 Sri Lanka Rupees from Hanatha House to the Gardens but Chaminda pushes his luck and charges us 1000 (£5). It is the way of life here to negotiate your fee and some times when you are handing over thousands at a time it pays to remember that really the difference you are haggling over is £1. The Gardens lay about 3km out of the noisy bustling city and are an oasis of calm.

Beyond the main entrance lay the colourful flower garden. The most striking feature being the ribbon border of showy coleus varieties.

Linking different areas of the Gardens there are three main palm avenues some of which are over 21m high.

Emily lured me in for this shot telling me it was world hug a tree week.

Although the Gardens were stunning my favourite bit was the troop of monkeys fighting in a tree and having a standoff with some wild dogs.

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