“What time would you like breakfast sir?”

“8am please as I hear it is best to climb Sigiriya rock early to avoid the crowds and the midday sun”

“Fantastic sir I will book the tuktuk and have breakfast ready”

Sounded like a great plan at 10pm as we smuggly set our alarms for 7am and drifted off to sleep. Or in my case fell asleep for an hour then woke with jet-lag again until 5am. The horror on both our faces as we woke and checked the time. 10am.  This was the view until Emily had calmed down and drank the first of several cups of tea ☕️☕️☕️☕️

The owner of The Green Edge wasn’t phased at all and the tuktuk driver was just happy to chill out as we had booked him for the whole day anyway.

Breakfast consisted of toast, butter and mango jam. The toast looked like it has been made in a breville so I was a little disappointed to find no filling. Super tasty none the less. Also on the menu was a delicate curry leaf and onion omelette, and a selection of tropical fruits.

The journey to Sigiriya in “Bob Marley”, as we have affectionately niknamed our TukTuk, took about 30 mins through the jungle back roads.

This place is so rural and so far removed from England it feels like we are in a different time. We also both love travelling in tuktuks rather than cars so we can experience the warm breeze and really feel part of the landscape.

Lion Rock is pretty impressive even from a distance. Close up it looks like it is going to be hard work, especially due to increasing midday temperature. Before you get to the 1000 steps you first walk past the impressive museum and through the lush green water gardens. I chased a huge monitor lizard with a GoPro for a few seconds before realising that it could turn and make me run for the hills.

I guess the climb took us about 40 minutes and wasn’t as hard as we thought. Plenty of places to stop and rest and a few flat bits. The view from the top was well worth it once the squalls had past.

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